Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Night Owl

Here's something yummy for you to look at. I made these cupcakes a while ago to say thank you to some coworkers. They're so easy to make and so adorable. Here's how to do it:

1. Bake your favourite cupcake recipe
2. Cover them in chocolate frosting
3. Twist Oreos to separate the two pieces of cookie. Try to keep all of the cream on one cookie. (These are for the eyes)
4. Break some of the other side of the cookie into triangles for the ears
5. Cover the ears in chocolate frosting and stick them on the cupcake
6. Use 2 cookies with cream as the eyes and pipe some chocolate frosting for the pupils
7. Mix vanilla frosting with yellow food colouring and pipe the frosting to draw out beaks.
8. Try not to eat them all yourself

Piece of cake!


  1. Okay these are adorable. And something tells me VERY tasty.


  2. Yumm! Good looking food makes it tastier.

    This site also has some cool food:


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