Friday, May 4, 2012

Study Break

As any student would tell you, the worst part of school is studying.  Fortunately for me, I'm done school but unfortunately, I still have one more test to do... and it just so happens to be the biggest test of my life.  I have my licensing exam coming up in about a week and a half so my absence in the blogging world is not because I forgot about all of you, time just isn't on my side.  Though, half the time I'm "studying," I'm actually just staring at the wall and daydreaming. 

On another note, I'm currently stuck in flats because I stubbed my toe on the bathroom door.  Lesson of the day: it's a big scary world out there kids, watch out for doors.

scarf} $7 H&M
pink tee} $5 H&M
green jeans} $2.50 Bluenotes
beige flats} $12.50 Aldo