Monday, April 16, 2012


When I first got this top, I didn't really think much of the print.  But when my sister asked me what was on my shirt, I said birds.  Now, if you really look at it, you'll see that there are no birds on earth that look like that.  So now I'm guessing eyelashes or feathers, I don't know.  When I go shopping and I see something that's on sale (i.e. this top), I kind of lose sight of the details.  Sigh, don't you love impulse buys?

top} $10 H&M
jeans}$12 Forever 21
wedges}$13 Aldo
purse} Michael Kors, gift from sister

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Balmy

I've always been an adventurous one when it comes to trying new beauty products.  I have a draw full of new items that I'm dying to try but haven't found the time to.  But recently, I purchased the EOS lip balm after a friend recommended it a while ago and I saw it again in a magazine.  It's basically a 100% natural and mostly organic lip balm that comes in this cute packaging.

While it wasn't bad, it's not my favourite.  I felt the lip balm went on a bit thick and matte, I usually like the glossy feel because it makes me think my lips are actually being moisturized.  Since I don't carry my purse around with me all day, I like to keep my lip balm in my pockets but of course, this design isn't very pocket friendly (I don't want people asking me what the bump in my leg is). 

My sister who has tried this, likes the taste of the honeydew but I'm not a big fan of it.  In general, I think if you like the Blistex brand lip balms then you'll probably like this one too.  I've kind of always been a Soft Lips girl...

EOS lip balm} $4 Shoppers Drugmart

Have you guys tried the EOS lip balm?  What did you think?

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

Sunday, April 8, 2012


April 12.  Normally, I don't keep track of when collections are to be released but this one, I just can't help but be excited for.  The Conscious Collection at H&M is going to hit stores this week!  Basically, the clothes are made of organic materials and all the pieces are so pretty and feminine.  While pink isn't the only colour they're offering, I think it's so elegant, I'd buy everything in this shade.  I also love the very reasonable prices for most of the pieces, above are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

lace skirt} $14.95
pink blazer} $34.95
lace dress} $34.95
tube dress} $19.95

Friday, April 6, 2012


Alrighty, I'm back... until I decide to procrastinate again.  See, a huge flaw that I have is that I have a hard time following through with things (hence my lack of hobbies).  I mean, with work and school, I'm amazing with that, there on-time everyday, work my butt off, no problem.  But on my own time, I can't seem to stick to doing one thing.  That's one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog.  I wanted something that was mine, something to show "this is what I do" kinda thing.

I have started a million different hobbies only to quit halfway through.  So I refuse to give up on this one.  I have to admit, it's hard finding time to write and post.  It's even harder to remember to take pictures.  I wish I were one of those girls who takes pictures all the time to document their day but I'm just not.  So the pictures you'll get are the rare times that I remember to whip out my camera.

Good news is that I handed in my final report last weekend (yay!).  Then after my licencing exam in May, I'll be totally free to post.  No more homework, no more studying.  I'll be an adult, so I'll be responsible and stuff (I think).  But until then, I hope you enjoy my random posts (just think of them as surprises).

green top} $3.00 Costa Blanca
wide leg jeans} $5.00 Urban Behaviour
shoes} $12.00 Aldo
necklace} $3.50 RW&Co.
bag} $25.00 Tommy Hilfiger

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Promise

After my little hiatus from blogging, I've come to realize how much I miss it!  So I promise, I'll be back with more photos, product reviews, rants, and who knows, I sense a layout change coming....  Stay tuned!