Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hello hello. I'm home! Florida was amazingly hot and amazing in general. It was nice to see greenery especially since I live in a concrete jungle. As I am not accustomed to the heat and the sun, my shoulders are seriously sunburned so I've been rubbing aloe on my back like a maniac. But in my pics, I still look as pastey as ever (these ones are from the first day). Do you think my skin is going to peel? I'm freaking out.

I have to admit, my outfits from this trip aren't as impressive as I hoped they would be and here's the reason why; I only had half a suitcase of space. So, given what I had to work with... this was the best I could do. Vacation packing is all about comfort anyway right?

pearl necklace} gift from my sister
white tank} $2.50 garage
lace tank} $7.00 garage
jean shorts} cut from an old pair of jeans
messenger bag} $11.00 payless
shoes} $35.00 keds from winners

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