Friday, October 26, 2012

Begin Again

To my readers and followers, I'm so sorry for my inconsistency.  It's hard to keep up with everything when you have so much going on with your life.  Thanks for your support on my last post.. it's nice to know other people are dealing with (or dealt with) big changes in their lives and how it affected their relationships.  The support that I got inspired me to create a new feature on my blog... but I'll let you know the details next week!

Now an update, I'm adjusting to my new job well, I'm so happy there and it's so great to wake up and be excited to go to work everyday.  Granted, I'm still having a bit of trouble adjusting to waking up at 6 am.  The boyfriend and I are doing great, even though he's got a ton of midterms, we're still finding the time to be together.  And Wednesday is Halloween so I need to go on pintrest and find some Halloween goodies to bake!

Have a great weekend!!


top} $7 H&M
pants} $15 H&M
necklace} $3.00 Ardene
heels} $30 Nine West
purse} Michael Kors - gift from boyfriend

Friday, October 19, 2012


Accept change.

When you're with someone for a long time, they're bound to change and you're going to change.  To work through those changes, you have to be willing to adapt to the situation. 

My boyfriend and I have been through so many life changes and rites of passage together.  We've had to adapt to graduating high school, university life, going into different professional programs, and now we're adapting to me working and him still in school. 

The key is to evaluate your relationship at each point of change, see what you love about each other and what you're willing to give up in order to make this relationship work.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't get to see my boyfriend too often but I've made the decision to sacrifice the time together now, so he can focus on school.

It's unrealistic to expect people and your relationships to always stay the same.  If you want to make a relationship work, you have to be willing to work out a plan together and find a way to adapt to change that you both are happy with.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, October 15, 2012

All Dressed

For me, it's so tempting to wear the same thing everyday; jeans and a tee.  So here's my confession... For my job, I wear scrubs everyday, so really, it doesn't matter what I wear to get in to work because once I get there, I change.  The only time I put on "nice" clothes is when I'm expecting to meet up with someone or go somewhere.  Sometimes when my boyfriend spontaneously wants to go on a date after work, I say no, because I'm not dressed "nicely".  There, I said it.  Whew.  My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, but he just doesn't understand. 


sweater} $10 American Eagle
boots} $20 Zara
shorts} $ 12 Ardene

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Sorry for my absence lately.  Like I said in an earlier post, I got a new job so that means I'm gonna be super tired and super busy.  Well I don't know if I'm actually that busy, I just feel like I have so many things on my mind that I feel like I'm busy.  My boyfriend just asked me if I'm getting tired of the blog.  It's not that I'm getting sick of blogging.. it's just hard to find the time.  So, I'm gonna try to keep blogging, I have so many ideas for TwentyySomething, it's just a matter of finding the time and resources to put these plans into action. 

Now onto the outfit, I know what you're thinking, how is she still wearing a dress?, it's October but I'm still so weather confused.  Sometimes it's freezing cold, sometimes the sun shines and it's warm, sometimes I think it's warm but it's actually not...


green dress} $10 purchased in Hong Kong
booties} $35 Zellers