Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue Ocean

Ahhh.. I miss the Bahamas. The water was sooo blue and clear, it was amazing. We were on a boat pretty far out in the ocean and you can still see the bottom, that's how clear the water was! We also got some amazing pics of the sunset and believe me, they look like they're photoshopped, it's surreal. I also realize that my hat is sitting pretty high on my head... ugh never buy on a whim my friends, never.

Now about this dress, I normally wouldn't pay full price but I just couldn't walk away. It's even a size bigger than I would normally get but still that didn't deter me! I'm glad I got it though because it was perfect for slipping over my bikini while at the beach.

straw hat} $6.00 Walmart
dress} $15.00 Urban planet
bikini} $10.00 Urban planet
sunglasses} $9.00 Point Zero from Winners
pearl necklace} gift from my sister

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