Monday, July 2, 2012

Wide Awake

Happy belated Canada Day and Happy early Forth of July!  So, quick recap of my week: did training for a new job and I've been planning my sister's baby shower!  The baby shower isn't for another two weeks but I'm excited, I can't wait to bake all the goodies I have planned!  It's so exciting because my sister is not only having one but two little bundles of joy.  I can't wait for the twins to arrive and I'm just hoping my sis will be able to attend the shower because she's getting really big!  To see some of the ideas I plan on executing, swing by my pintrest.

blue tee} $4 GAP
shorts} $4.50 from Hong Kong
yellow belt} $1 Bluenotes
flats} $5 Bluenotes
purse} gift from sister from Michael Kors
rose gold watch} gift from boyfriend from Michael Kors


  1. Cute! And good job for doing this so frugally!

  2. Great scalloped shorts, I popped over and so glad I found you! New follower! Also, love the belt!

  3. beautiful shorts!


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