Friday, July 27, 2012

Truth or Dare

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

We hear about cheating in Hollywood all the time.  Most recently Kristen Stewart cheated on her 3-year guy, Robert Pattinson, so the relationship topic this week is whether or not you can forgive a cheater. 

Though I've been lucky enough not to have been cheated on, I know way too many girls who have been cheated on.  For me, cheating is totally unacceptable and it's a dating dealbreaker.  Here's why:
  1. It shows his character flaws - if you're the type of person who can cheat on me and hurt me in that way, you don't respect me.  But fortunately for me, I would have enough self-respect to do myself a favour and leave him.  
  2. Trust issues - I tend to overthink things, I analyze and overanalyze.  If a guy cheated on me, I wouldn't be able to trust him anymore, everytime he goes out with his buddies, I'd be wondering which girl is under his arm.  Trust is a very valuable quality that is commonly overlooked in a relationship.  Once it's broken, it's really hard to get back and for me, I think I'd always have that bit of doubt.
  3. You deserve better - whatever his reasons or excuses are, the fact is that he cheated.  He lied to you and put you through all this pain.  There are good guys out there but if you keep staying with a guy who keeps lying to you, you'll never find those good guys.  The least you should get from a relationship is honesty.
While every relationship and situation is different, for me, I don't feel that I could ever trust someone who has lied to me before.  Some couples work through it but a lot of the time, he's not gonna change his ways so you're just going to get burned again.  I think in the end, you just have to ask yourself if you can fully forgive him.  As in, no more grudges, complete trust, and the topic won't be brought up in every arguement thereafter.  Can you actually drop it and let it go?  If you forgive him, can you forgive yourself?

Like I said before, I have no experience in this whole cheating business but I've seen so many girlfriends go through the pain.

Have any of you been cheated on? How did you handle it? Or how do you wish you handled it?


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  2. great post, agree with all of your points to the T. xO!


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