Friday, July 13, 2012

Please and Thank you

Yes, you're reading this correctly, relationships 101 is back! So swing by every Friday for another dose of relationship advice.  

Be Polite.

Manners are important, that’s why your parents taught them to you. So why do so many people let their manners slip when they become comfortable with their partners?  I've seen guys treat stangers nicer than how they treat their girlfriends.  There is something terribly wrong with that. 

For example, when we get comfortable, we stop holding the door for the other person.  You wouldn't walk through a door knowing there was someone behind you and let that door slam right in the stangers face. But so many people let that happen to their significant other. 

Example two, when we get too comfortable in a relationship we stop saying our please and thank yous.  It's amazing how a simple "please" can make a statement less of a demand and more of a question.  Since my boyfriend and I have been going out for so long, I often forget to say my "thank you's".  Just those two words make him feel appreciated and it acknowledges the kind gestures that he does for me. 

Sometimes, things get complicated, we get busy, and we rush through our lives.  But a lot of arguements could be spared if we just slowed down and go back to the basics.  It's one thing to be comfortable in your relationship and it's another to be down-right rude.  So always, remember the manners your mother taught you!



  1. omg!!! This is my biggest thing in relationships!!! I truly believe in manners!! I am 100% on board!! Love it!!
    lets follow each other?

  2. I totally agree with this! My husband and I are so polite with one another that our 2 year old son says "thank you" and "excuse me" as if he were a little adult.

    Great post :)

    xox jane


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