Saturday, February 11, 2012

Made for Walking

It's too cold outside, so I'm taking the shoot inside.  Even though I'm Canadian, I can't stand the cold (hence the numerous jackets in my closet).  We got a huge dumping of snow last night so I'm gonna try to stay indoors for the next little while. Though what I do love about the winter is that I get to wear all my cozy knits.. such as the one above. 

I also started my pintrest account... I didn't quite get the idea in the beginning but now I'm addicted!  There are so many pretty pictures out there!  Friend me at twentyypins.

Have a great weekend!

sweater} $6.00 from Old Navy
tank} $2.00 from Urban Behaviour
skirt} $5.00 from H&M
necklace} $3.00 from Ardene
bracelets} betsey johnson borrowed from sister
boots} $10 from Stitches

1 comment:

  1. this is a great knit....i love the whole ensemble. the bracelets are very cute!

    thanks so much for your comment![oomph.]
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