Sunday, November 6, 2011

Romance is in the Air

I'm a romantic, so of course, reading this story made me cry. The story's about a couple who had been together for 72 years who died one hour apart from each other. In today's world where people get divored 72 days after an extravagant wedding (ahem, Ms. Kardashian), it's nice to hear stories about lasting love.

I'm sure this couple, like all others, probably had their ups and downs but the point is that they were together for so long and if they hadn't been in a car accident, they would still be together. When you hear about the high divorce rates and you see all these celebrities separating in the media, it's discouraging. It makes you wonder if it's even possible for two people to be together forever.

The problem with a lot of couples is that they rush into things. They get married because they feel their biological clock ticking, they think they should be taking the next step, or that it's something fun to do. Whatever happened to taking the time to find that special someone, getting to know them inside out and falling in love? Or are we all falling in love too easily?

Whatever it is, it's great to hear stories about couples who are commited to each other and commited to being with one another. I hope you all like this story too!

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