Friday, November 18, 2011

Do It All Again

This Friday was girls night. There's nothing better than gathering the girls up and chatting away. I think we spent almost 4 hours at Starbucks sipping our venti caramel brule lattes and peppermint mochas. We usually have activities planned and all but my favourite outings are ones where we can all sit down and talk/gossip.

So I guess the lesson this week is:

Have your own friends.

While it's great to share friends and have other couples to double date with (I love double dating), it's also important to have friends outside of the relationship. When Friday night rolls around and your significant other is busy, it's nice to have other people to hang out with. They're also handy when you get sick of your partner (but that never happens, right?)

This also goes along with last week's topic of doing your own thing and having your own hobbies. Many often lose their individualism when they're in a relationship. Having your own friends lets you just be you while not being constantly be attached to someone else.

So gather your friends and enjoy your night on the town.

Happy Friday!

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