Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Independent

Do your own thing.

You've all probably heard this one before. It's important to have interests outside of your relationship, blah blah blah. But the reason why people say it so often is because it's true.

Having hobbies benefits the relationship but most importantly, it's beneficial to you. When you have your own thing to do, you aren't constantly fixated on your relationship. For me, having different interests makes me feel like more of an individual. Having been in a relationship for so long, you start to fuse into one person and people outside of the relationship see you as a package deal. By doing my own thing and having something else to focus on just makes me feel like I'm my own person again.

Being more independent makes you more attractive and having hobbies make you interesting. And honestly, the whole motivation behind this blog was because I wanted to start doing something in my spare time. Of course, there were also many other factors but this was one of them.

While some dependence is necessary in order for a relationship to work, having your own interests can be empowering. It shows that you're an individual who is actively choosing to be in the relationship.

Have a great weekend!

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