Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review

One more day left in 2011!  I started TwentyySomething this past summer and in these few short months, I'm overwhelmed (and shocked) by the number of hits.  Thanks so much to everyone for their support and hopefully we'll welcome even more readers, so tell your friends!  To recount this past year, I've listed my top ten favourite trends of 2011 (and they're not in any particular order).  Enjoy and happy new year!

1.  Sequins & Glitter (a girly girl's dream)
2.  Silk Blouses
3.  Leopard Print
4.  Colour Blocking
5.  Nail Art
6.  Bright Hues
7.  Stacked Bracelets
8.  Menswear Watches
9.  Kate Middleton (she's not exactly a trend but she's trendy... so it counts lol)
10.  Coloured Denim

What were your 2011 favourites? 

*Disclaimer: The above images were not taken by me and by no means mine.


  1. Perfect recap!!! Happy New Year!!!!! <3

  2. Totally agreeing with these trends (especially Kate!). Happy new year :)


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