Saturday, January 7, 2012

Off to the Outlets We Go

So now that December is over, January is all about shopping for yourself. I've always found that the best sales aren't during boxing week, mid-January is when I find the best deals. My theory is that by that time, everyone's pretty broke and tired and shopping so stores put out these amazing deals to entice you. So here's my tips for shopping at my favourite type of store....outlets!

1. Do your research about locations. Not all outlets were created equal. Some outlets have more variety, some have better deals and some make you wonder whether they're actually outlets or not. So you can try to do some researching about the outlet before heading over but I think this step is best achieved through experience. You kinda have to go to different outlet malls or plazas, check them out and determine if they're good for you. For example, I've found that some outlets carry more small sizes than others and some have cheaper prices even though they're the same brand/company.

2. Know your size. Some outlet stores and warehouse sales don't let you try on the clothes and they don't allow for refunds or exchanges. So it's really important for you to know what size you are for that particular store. It also helps to train your eyes to kind of know if something's gonna fit you just by looking at it. Also look at the material that the item is made of. If it's a jersey material or something like that, then you know it's got some stretch in it. So even if you're not exactly sure of the size, you know that the material is more forgiving and more likely to fit.

3. Don't buy on impulse. Sometimes the prices are so amazing, it's hard to say no. But before purchasing anything, ask yourself if you're really going to wear it. A lot of the clothes at outlets are trends from last season so if you don't think the trend is going to continue when that season comes around again, then you're just wasting your money. You need to look for clothes that either follow a current trend or clothes that's a classic wardrobe staple. It never hurts to stick to the basics, I can't even describe the satisfaction I get when I buy a piece at an outlet and a month later I see that item back in retail stores.

4. Don't expect to find something specific. Men will never understand this tip but when outlet shopping, it's better to not have a list in mind. It's ok to say you need a new top but the less specific you are, the greater your chances of finding something. With outlets, you never know what you'll find so keep an open mind.

5. Take your time. Shopping shouldn't be a chore (no matter how much your boyfriend says it is). So don't let him or anyone else rush you through the process. Take your time perusing the racks because you never know what you might find.

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