Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas everyone! I've been listening to the Glee Christmas album since Halloween and now the time is finally here! I love holidays, for the past week I've been wearing my reindeer ears around the house but I think my family is planning an intervention to get me to take them off.

Btw, I was also the first person in my family to get all their christmas shopping done. And I have multiple gifts for my family (did I also mention that I love shopping). Christmas shopping is my favorite because it's guilt free. I can buy whatever I want because it's for someone else. So suddenly, I'm not overspending or indulging, I'm being generous and thoughtful... and if they happen not to like the present or if's not the right size, I'm happy to keep it for myself. Hehe.

Aside from all the glitter, hustle and bustle of Christmas, it is all about family. I'm so excited about spending time with my ever expanding family (we have a new addition this year, my new brother-in-law) and I'm super excited about sitting down and enjoying Christmas dinner. I hope all of you out there have a great holiday with the one's you love.

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