Friday, October 26, 2012

Begin Again

To my readers and followers, I'm so sorry for my inconsistency.  It's hard to keep up with everything when you have so much going on with your life.  Thanks for your support on my last post.. it's nice to know other people are dealing with (or dealt with) big changes in their lives and how it affected their relationships.  The support that I got inspired me to create a new feature on my blog... but I'll let you know the details next week!

Now an update, I'm adjusting to my new job well, I'm so happy there and it's so great to wake up and be excited to go to work everyday.  Granted, I'm still having a bit of trouble adjusting to waking up at 6 am.  The boyfriend and I are doing great, even though he's got a ton of midterms, we're still finding the time to be together.  And Wednesday is Halloween so I need to go on pintrest and find some Halloween goodies to bake!

Have a great weekend!!


top} $7 H&M
pants} $15 H&M
necklace} $3.00 Ardene
heels} $30 Nine West
purse} Michael Kors - gift from boyfriend


  1. That shirt is so cute and feminine! I love this look. It's completely effortless yet totally polished!

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