Monday, March 5, 2012

The Women Tell All Recap

Ok, so before I start, 2 points:

1) Yes, I watch the Bachelor religiously.
2) Don't laugh at me because you do too (that's why you're reading!)

So I just watched The Women Tell All episode of the Bachelor and I'm just compelled to write about how the women treated Courtney.  It was the most unfair debate I've ever seen! It was like 20 women (don't quote me on that) against one.

Now, I don't agree with the way Courtney treated the girls on the show and there must of been lots of stuff that happened that we didn't see.  Some of the episodes they just made her appear downright evil.  She said nasty things about the women and she didn't make much of an effort to befriend the women.

But tonight, we really saw a different side to her and I actually felt sorry for her.  She became the victim of vicious attacks and I just wanted to defend her.  She said sorry and she really seemed genuinely sincere.  I understand that they're angry at what Courtney said and did to them but retaliation isn't the answer.  Is that really the higher road?  To beat down someone who's already down?

So let me list out my arguements in Courtney's defence (I really wish someone would have been braver and steped up to defend her)

1.  Yes she did things that got on the girl's bad side but she didn't really start insulting people until she found out that people were talking about her behind her back and to Ben.  So you really can't blame a girl for getting defensive... all those women there tonight were being defensive and attacking her.  What they did tonight was exactly what she did to them except worse because it was 20 women against one, she was ganged up on.

2.  They said they'd forgive her if she said sorry and was sincere.  Courtney sat there in front of 20 women who are yelling at her and apologized and asked for forgiveness.  At one point she began to cry.  Do those women do not have a single compassionate bone in their body?  How can you continue to attack someone's character as they are sitting there in tears and admiting to their mistakes?

3.  They forgave Blakely's hurtful words so easily but they couldn't let Courtney off the hook.  They both apologized and asked for forgiveness, what makes Courtney's any different.  If anything, I found Courtney's apology more sincere than Blakely's.

4.  On the overnight date, Courtney apologized to Ben for the way she treated the women.  Nikki said that the apology was for Ben and not them so it's not sincere.  So what if the apology was for Ben?? She was on a date with him! Not all you other women.  If the apology was for the women, she would have stared straight into the camera and said sorry.  She wasn't talking to you! When she apologized on the overnight date, that was for Ben.  On this Women Tell All episode, she apologized again and this was for the women.  These girls just need to get over themselves.

5.  She justified her actions by saying that she was in an uncomfortable situation and the women couldn't believe it and wouldn't accept that as an answer.  Truth is, people do crazy, weird things when they're put under pressure.  Jenna the blogger constantly broke down, cried, and was such a drama queen but no one questioned that.  Courtney just had a different (albiet mean) way of reacting.

I just felt so bad for Courtney, at one point she mention how hard the backlash has been on her family and friend and I felt so terrible for her.  This is a girl full of regret, with enough courage to sit infront of all these women and ask for forgiveness and these women just tear her apart.  I actually teared up at one point because I felt so sorry for her.

Maybe I'm naive, but how can you not feel compassion and sympathy for someone in that situation?  What do you guys think?

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