Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Timing is Everything

These pictures are old... but I haven't posted them yet, so here they are.  They're from my vacation earlier in the summer and I've neglected them until now.  Makes me want summer back.  I've been working so much these days, a vacation sounds like heaven.

Oh and another reason why I posted these pics today?  Because I can't take outfit photos today, my feet hurt. So. Much.  IT hurts to walk, to stand, to lie here on my bed while I write this post.  (I know, I whine a lot, my boyfriend tells me so.)



  1. awe i have days like that too- you have some amazing outfits the last 2 are my faves! xO!

    1. thanks! the best part was that all of these outfits were super comfy for travelling!

  2. Hello, just found your Blog!
    Dont worry, I complain a lot as well ;)
    Cool blog and I enjoyed your pics.
    Visit me and let me know if you want to do a mutual follow?

  3. That first floral dress is so cute! I hope your feet feel better :)

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  4. Rest your feet! The first dress is so pretty and vibrant! Enjoy your weekend!


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